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Whatever your needs for windows and doors, Window Medics has the answer.

If you are in need of anything to do with windows and doors in Winnipeg, you don’t need look any further than Window Medics. Whether it is broken glass, damaged hinges, faulty seals, foggy windows, windows that won’t open, sliding doors that won’t slide, broken locks, or a complete new installation, Window Medics has the answer.



Restoration of Foggy Windows with World-Class Defogging Techniques

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Glass Replacement Services from Window Medics

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Professional Window Replacement Services

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Window Medics offers Exquisite and Durable Interior, Exterior and Sliding Patio Doors

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Our company name was carefully chosen to reflect a major part of our business and our values. Wherever possible we aim to repair your windows and doors rather than replace them. In the case of windows, this will save you between 50% and 70% of the cost of ripping them out and starting all over again. It is also much kinder to the environment; by repairing your windows and making them – in many cases – better than new, they don’t contribute to landfill. We can also restore windows and doors to the full potential of their energy saving properties, saving you money on utility costs and again being kind to the environment. It’s a win-win situation.

If your windows have become foggy, you may be of the opinion that the only thing to do is to rip them out and install new ones. Don’t be so hasty! Using a revolutionary new process, the specialist team of dedicated professionals at Window Medics can defog your windows and give them a further lease of life for as long as 20 years, saving you a small fortune.

If your windows have cracked or broken glass, call us out immediately. Whatever type of windows you have – single pane, double, or triple pane, we can replace the glass for you. Whether they are bay windows, bow windows, tilt and turn windows, casement windows, sliding windows, small windows, large windows, Window Medics can fix them for you.

Of course, if you do need a completely new installation we excel at that too. All of our windows and doors are Energy Star rated and carry a limited lifetime guarantee. We stock over 80 exterior doors in a huge variety of colours and materials – all with 24 lock blocks (compared with the usual 12 of other installers), 8 gauge security plates to reinforce them, and deadbolts for added security.

Whatever your requirements for windows and doors in Winnipeg, Window Medics has got you covered. You can call us on 204-275-0512 or email us at corinne@windowmedics.com. Alternatively, for immediate attention from one of our expert staff, just use the Contact link above.