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Find The Perfect Exterior Door for Your Home and Save Up to 25%.

When you are considering door replacement, you may think that, because of our name, Window Medics only supplies and repairs windows. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have a huge range of exterior doors on which to feast your eyes, and there is bound to be one in our catalogue that is ideal for your home. Not only that, by choosing from our range you will save up to 25%.

When approaching your home, the first thing that any visitor notices is your front door, since that is where he or she is heading. Your front door makes an important statement about who you are, so it is crucial that it is friendly, welcoming, and complements your home.



Exterior Doors
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Maize Exterior Door for Creating a Welcoming Appeal
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Garden Patio Doors – Product Description
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Sliding Patio Doors

Our range of doors includes wrought iron doors, decorative glass doors, and fibreglass doors all available in a wide variety of styles and colours, to impress your visitors.

Our exterior doors are built to last. They are also built for your peace of mind and complete security. 8 gauge security plates reinforce the lock blocks, and we provide 24 lock blocks against the 12 of most manufacturers. To complete the security aspect, deadbolts are fitted.

The doors swing on ball bearing hinges for long life and smooth operation. Gam bumpers prevent the glass from rattling – even under conditions of extreme heat.

In order to ensure that draughts simply cannot occur, we use Zmag weather stripping. The paint is ProLux ultra violet resisting which reflects heat, keeping your entrance cooler in summer. Between them, these can reduce your energy bills by 10% to 15%, which is a nice additional bonus.

Our garden doors are manufactured in polyplex white, olive, taupe, maize, sable, and green and will look stunning when you are sitting on your patio or deck enjoying a barbecue.

Sliding patio doors are available in a variety of formats and the rails are made from Canadian pine, the door bases being pressure treated to avoid any possibility of rotting. There are a variety of hinge or swing options including three or four panel screens, and a mounted interior screen. In addition, the doors can function as a double operator and can be hinged off side jambs.

We stock over 80 different exterior doors in a wide variety of styles including wrought iron, square glass, oval glass, full glass, and with no glass. Colors available include forest green, Wedgwood blue, antique mahogany, chestnut brown, dark cherry, walnut, and many more too numerous to mention.

It goes without saying that all our doors are Energy Star rated and guaranteed. For door replacement in Winnipeg, just click on the Contact link at the top right of the page. Alternatively, you can call us on 204-275-0512 or